A Brief Look At The Long Ad Trend

Lately, it seems that digital marketers are betting that long ads will leave a long-lasting impression.
Extremely long advertisements have started showing up in a variety of digital forms. Adweek.com recently spotlighted two that rise above the rest. The first is fittingly for the highest water slide in the world called Insano located in a water park in Brazil. The Insano stands 14-stories tall and lets riders reach speeds of 65 miles per hour before plunging into a pool at the bottom. To promote this lofty structure, an email was creatively designed that reflects the terrifying feeling of plummeting down the ride. The other prime example is a banner ad created for the BMW X3 that initially looks like a basic 300-by-250-pixel box, but then expands to a whopping 18,000 pixels high to become a full 20 feet long. It’s filled with more than 5,500 words of copy that are just playful and intriguing enough to keep readers engaged. Take a look at both ads and decide whether long ads have the legs to go the distance.

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