8 Raciest Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

8 Raciest Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

In recent years, Super Bowl TV commercials have become more and more steamy and salacious. The sexual undertones and innuendo of these ads simply prove extremely popular with audiences and practically guarantee to get people talking about the brands behind the boldness. Whether they featured scantily-dressed supermodels like Cindy Crawford for Diet Pepsi or were flat-out rejected for broadcast like the parody on porn for PETA, advertisers have never shied away or been shy about the fact that sex sells and that turning people on will keep them tuned in to the brand. For a peek at the eight sexiest Super Bowl TV commercials, NBCNews.com compiled this list and look at the hottest in history.


Diet Pepsi

Holiday Inn

Bud Light




Bud Light

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