Ad Campaign Displays In-Store Pinterest Pins in Retail Way

Picture this: large red pins are placed on items in a brick-and-mortar store that shoppers can push to have an image of the item digitally pinned to their Pinterest boards. This concept brings pinning to life and into the lives of brick-and-mortar shoppers. This idea was the concept behind a compelling Brazilian ad campaign for Tok&Stok, Brazil’s largest design furniture store chain, by Agency DM9DDB. shared a look at the campaign that has many pinning their hopes that these pins will become a retail reality.

After developing this in-store pinning technology, Agency DM9DDB tested it in an ad campaign for Tok&Stok. Their primary challenge was identifying who was pressing a pin and ensuring that it was directed to their Pinterest board.

They overcame this obstacle by using Bluetooth low-energy signals (BLE) to pair with a special “PinList” app that shoppers must download to their smartphones. These BLE signals allow the in-store pin to locate the person that pressed it and connect with their digital app.

While these in-store pins are far from a reality in other brick-and-mortar stores, the new app provides inspiration for the future, much like Pinterest itself.

Update: Since the above campaign launched, Pinterest has changed their “Pin it” button to read, “Save” a more universally recognizable word to go hand-in-hand with Pinterest’s global expansion.

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