Uncovering The 5 Biggest Content Marketing Myths

Uncovering The 5 Biggest Content Marketing Myths
Content marketing is easy, quick, programmable, and cheap—and can be handled by low-level employees, right?

Wrong. Too often brands and even content marketing agencies make the strategy sound like a simple solution with little effort required. That, of course, is not the case.

In a piece published by Search Engine Watch, Salma Jafri, CEO of WordPL.net, debunked this idea by highlighting some of the most common content marketing misconceptions.

In particular, her five biggest content marketing myths that “need to die” are:

1. It’s Easy: Content marketing is all about earning consumers’ trust and, as Jafri points out, “building trust is never easy.”

Good content marketing is useful, authentic and respectful of its audience. It creates a connection and establishes expertise—things that take planning and patience.

2. It’s Quick: Content marketing is not speedy. In fact, it is inherently a careful undertaking. The strategy requires trust to be built up over time, and the bond between publisher and audience must be slowly nurtured.

Moreover, executing content marketing properly requires a number of steps that must be done thoughtfully, including: strategy development, content creation, distribution, promotion and measurement.

3. It Can Be Automated: Yes, some aspects of content marketing can be automated—such as some social posts and monitoring. However, Jafri notes, “many companies try to automate too much, too soon.”

In particular, setting strategy and creating appropriate content cannot be automated. These aspects need to be constantly adjusted depending on the situation and audience. Many social media efforts, too, need to be timely and responsive, not pre-planned. Or, put another way:

4. It’s Cheap: Content marketing is often more cost efficient than other channels, bringing in better leads for less. That said, it should not be viewed as being cheap.

Why? First, as mentioned earlier, it takes a while for content to resonate with consumers, and that requires a consistent investment over time. Second, audiences respond to quality content—well-designed infographics, video with high production values, etc.—and that too takes resources.

5. It Can Be Done by the Intern: Many companies hand over their content marketing initiatives, especially social media, to junior hires rather than more seasoned talent. While youth shouldn’t disqualify an employee, it also shouldn’t automatically qualify them. Content marketing strategies are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, often requiring experience in the field.

Ultimately, what differentiates content marketing isn’t that it’s easy, cheap, or quick. What makes it powerful is that it enables brands to establish direct, authentic, meaningful connections with consumers. However, to establish these connections effectively, content marketing initiatives require investment and quality work, just as with every other channel.

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