Twitter Quietly Rolls Out New Translation Tool

Showing how social media has become a universal language, Twitter is gradually implementing a new translation tool that will instantly interpret tweets posted in foreign languages. The global translation services are being supplied by Microsoft search engine Bing. According to Twitter, this real-time tweet translation service is designed to bridge linguistic boundaries and better connect people all over the world. featured details on this social tool that’s bound to get people talking.

Twitter is slowly rolling out this tweet translation service because Bing is not yet available to all users and the social network is just starting to experiment with the linguistic tool’s functionality. In fact, users with Bing access can only see this “View translation” option by clicking on the time stamp of the tweet and moving it to their individual page. Only then does a smaller, translated version of the tweet appear beneath the original. It’s accompanied by a label that attributes it to Bing Translator. Bing offers its tweet translation services for numerous languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish, among others.

Twitter is bringing the service to its users to save them time. The button eliminates the need for the multiple steps previously needed for translations, which included first copying the foreign-language text, followed by opening a new tab with a translation tool, and then pasting in the foreign text. Instead, Twitter users can do it all with the single click of the mouse.

Twitter is maintaining the discretion of this debut by releasing few details and keeping their comments short and sweet. Last month, Twitter incorporated a similar translation feature into its app on Windows 8. It was just another step closer to bringing the world even closer.

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