What Are Instagram’s 25 Most Engaging Brands?

top instagram brands
As more and more brands use Instagram to promote their products, they’re quickly learning that engagement is the key to connecting with consumers. Of course, some brands are just more social media savvy than others. To help marketers learn from the most engaging examples, Entrepreneur.com posted a list of the most engaging brands on Instagram called the Nitrogram 50. The rankings were compiled by Nitrogram, which is an Instagram analytics service, and were based on the number of mentions through the brand’s hashtag and their total number of Instagram followers. While many brands view their social media success by their number of followers, this ranking revealed the importance of hashtag mentions since some of the leading brands had fewer followers but many more mentions. The leader on the list was Nike with its 1,677,064 Instagram followers and the second spot went to Starbucks with its 1,313,459 following, but there were also a number of surprising standouts.

Proving that retail brands are really good at engaging consumers, the next five spots were claimed by apparel brands Forever 21, Adidas, Victoria’s Secret, Topshop, and Vans. Red Bull rushed into the eighth position, followed by Michael Kors and Converse to comprise the top 10. A variety of luxury brands filled out the list, with many achieving a higher ranking despite fewer followers due to their high volume of hashtag mentions. For a look at the 25 most engaging brands on Instagram, check out the list of leaders.

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Nike photo used courtesy of: PaxCa/Flickr/Starbucks photo used courtesy of: DeusXFlorida/Flickr/Forever 21 photo used courtesy of: In this fleeting moment/Flickr/Red Bull photo used courtesy of: Luc Legay/Flickr