The 100 Most Expensive Keywords on Google [Infographic]

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Keywords are a direct link to online traffic and sales. And bidding on the right keywords on Google can lead to higher rankings and revenue. But the cost of a certain keyword is largely based on how often it’s searched, with its price affected and reflected by its current popularity. To see which keywords cost the most, WebpageFX created a very valuable infographic showing the 100 keywords with the highest cost per click in Google AdWords. To see the priciest keywords that search marketing money can buy, offered a look at the infographic, The 100 Most Expensive Keywords on Google.


The Price of Performance
The infographic showed that top 100 keywords on Google dramatically ranged in price from $670.44 for “San Antonio car wreck attorney” down to $265.60 for “Michigan accident attorney.” As you can see, many of the priciest keywords were related to legal services.

Adding Up How Keywords Rank by Category
In addition to listing the priciest keywords, the infographic analyzed how they fell into six key categories. The vast majority of the keywords were related to legal services. This can be attributed to the infographic’s featured finding that 75% of people seeking attorneys use online sources. See which six categories commanded the costliest keywords:

  • 78% were connected to legal
  • 8% linked to water damage
  • 6% clicked with insurance
  • 4% were relevant drugs & alcohol
  • 3% led to online education
  • 1% resulted in business services

Location Pays Off
Interestingly, the graphic showed that 58% of the costliest keywords were location-sensitive. It revealed that the most targeted states were California, Colorado, Texas, and Florida.

To see which keywords are worth the most, check out the fact-filled infographic.

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Infographic via SEMRUSH and WebpageFX.

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