4 Friendly Tips for More Likeable Social Media Ads

4 Friendly Tips for More Likeable Social Media Ads

When it comes to ads, few things are worse than spending a lot and getting little response. But you don’t have to settle for ads-gone-bad when the secret to savvy social media ads can be found in a few quick tips. For advice on creating social ads that get a reaction and lead to action, Mashable.com featured these four helpful hints.

1. Tune in to Your Target ­– The key to good social media ads is good customer data. You need to know all about your audience, from who they are to why they buy. Fortunately, Twitter and Facebook have targeting programs that let brands target by various variables. If knowledge is power, then knowing about your audience gives you the power to reach them.

2. Make Social Ads Something Worth Sharing ­– The reason that people don’t share the average ad is because it’s designed for selling, not sharing, so there’s nothing social about it. So how can you shift that perception and make ads more social and sharable? By creating highly targeted content that speaks to the needs of your audience. Design your social media ads to connect with readers and convey how your brand can fulfill their needs. This will resonate with your target market and make your ad appear real and relevant. As a result, your ad will strike a personal chord and inspire readers to care and share.

3. Give Social Media Ads a Friendlier Face ­– The most successful and sharable social ads seem to tell a story, not sell a product. They are creative, compelling, and comparable to the stories shared among friends. They naturally fit in their social surroundings, which is why they’re called native advertising. You’ve probably seen this style in Facebook’s Promoted Posts and Twitter’s Promoted Tweets. These ads appear more like lighthearted stories than typical hard-sell ads.

4. Optimize for the Mobile-Minded ­– Since so much of our social media activity involves our mobile devices, it only makes sense that your social ads need to be mobile-friendly. And with Facebook’s mobile ad revenues set to surpass its desktop earnings, that’s all the more reason to ensure that your ads can be viewed on all mobile devices. To make a big impact on smaller screens, try to keep your ads short and sweet and place key points in the first 90 characters. And make sure that all of your photos and videos can be seen on all types of screens.

Try using these simple social tips to make your ads something to see and share.

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