New E-book: A 5-Step Plan for Creating Exceptional Healthcare Content

New E-book: A 5-Step Plan for Creating Exceptional Healthcare Content
An analysis by the Content Marketing Institute found that healthcare marketers often lag up to two years behind their peers in other industries when it comes to digital content creation and distribution.

Why? What’s holding healthcare brands back from consistently creating exceptional content?

Often it comes down to not knowing how to tackle the content process effectively.

Healthcare is a complex area and many organizations often structure long approval processes, or create bland pieces (or don’t develop much content at all), in order to avoid making mistakes.

So, how can your brand overcome this tendency?

The new e-book from MDG, “A 5-Step Plan for Creating Exceptional Healthcare Content,” explores a few simple things organizations can do to boost the quality and quantity of content being produced.

The complimentary e-book is based on what we’ve seen work with our own healthcare clients as well as for other exceptional brands in the space.

The areas covered include:

  • Mastering compliance: Legal and regulatory concerns often hinder healthcare brands’ content development efforts; find out how to deal with these issues effectively.
  • Audience development: Understanding what consumers want is the key to creating good content; learn why persona research is the foundation of digital success.
  • Content strategy: It’s almost impossible for healthcare brands to consistently develop content without a documented plan; explore why this exercise isn’t as hard as it sounds.
  • Being relatable: One of the pitfalls of healthcare content is that it’s all too often dry and technical; find out how to emphasize storytelling and voice over internal priorities.
  • Understanding strengths and weaknesses: Healthcare brands often fail to acknowledge their content limitations and abilities; learn how to overcome this pitfall.

Check out the full e-book for in-depth exploration of how each of these steps can help your healthcare brand achieve content marketing success.


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