5 Fascinating Findings on U.S. Hispanic Media Habits

5 Fascinating Findings on U.S. Hispanic Media Habits
Media buyers and planners would be wise to tune in to the needs of Hispanics. In just five years, U.S. Hispanics have increased their buying power by 50% to $1.7 trillion. They also stream more video and adopt mobile technology faster than other ethnic segments. These differences make them desirable when planning and handling media buying for the Hispanic market. MediaLifeMagazine.com detailed more of the distinctions that make Hispanics the group to watch.

1. They’re More Accepting of Mobile Advertising
Hispanics have a more positive view of mobile ads than other ethnic segments. In fact, these digital ads were considered valuable and relevant by twice as any of Hispanics as non-Hispanics, according to recent research from Specific Media and SMG Multicultural.

 2. They’re More Likely to Use Mobile Discounts
One-quarter of Hispanics are apt to use mobile coupons, compared to only 17% of non-Hispanics, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. This is attributed to Hispanics’ high smartphone adoption rate and comfort with mobile technology.

3. They Tune In to More Live Television
A whopping 92% of Univision programming last season was viewed live by adults ages 18–49. As a result, they were more likely to watch the commercials on Univision than on English-language networks, where the rate of live viewing was considerably lower.

4. They Prefer Sports Over Video Games
There’s no denying the popularity of video games. But Hispanics are more geared toward watching actual sports being played than playing video games, cited a study of Hispanic Millennials by the Tr3s network.

5. They’re Big Binge Watchers
Hispanics binge watch TV shows to the extreme, choosing to watch numerous episodes at a time. In fact, Think Now Research found that 68% of Hispanics ages 18–34 reported watching a whole season of a TV series in a single weekend, compared to only 49% of non-Hispanic audiences.

All of these factors make Hispanics worth watching and worthwhile to media strategists.

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