Mobile Shopping Via Smartphone and Tablet Increased 81% in 2012

The growing popularity of tablets is helping drive an increase in mobile device shopping. Jared Kohler/CNET

U.S. consumer spending via smartphone and tablet reached $25 million in 2012. This demonstrated an 81 percent increase in consumer shopping on mobile devices, which was almost twice the level of 2011, according to eMarketer. revealed further findings from this mobile marketing research.

The momentum behind mobile shopping shows no sign of stopping as mobile devices have become mainstream ways of making purchases online. Mobile devices have truly redefined the state of shopping today. By 2016, consumers are expected to make almost $87 billion in mobile purchases, resulting in more than one-quarter of all e-commerce sales made via mobile.

This leap in mobile purchases is being attributed to both the rising popularity of tablets and the rapidly increasing number of consumers who have become comfortable with shopping on their mobile devices.

Mobile purchases via tablet are forecast to almost double in 2014 while shopping via smartphone will continue to rise, yet on a much more gradual basis. In fact, tablet sales have been so strong that eMarketer predicts that consumers will use tablets for the majority of their mobile shopping during the next four years.

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