The 5 Most Important Content Marketing Trends of 2014

The 5 Most Important Content Marketing Trends of 2014
Which content marketing trends should you be paying attention to in 2014?

There is plenty to watch out for this year, with many new channels emerging and existing tactics becoming increasingly sophisticated. But what will fundamentally affect your content marketing campaigns and your business?

Uberflip, a content marketing platform, recently sorted through a host of research to figure out which content marketing trends will have the biggest impact in the months ahead. Here are their top five picks, in no particular order:

1. Quality: 92% of marketers say that they now use content marketing as a tactic. This means there is a constant flood of content being published, much of it recycled or of poor quality. To stand out, marketers will need to provide significant value to their audience by saying something original or delivering known insights in more enriching ways.

2. Multi-Platform Offerings: The days of having separate “mobile” and “Web” strategies are over. Given that content consumption is now very much multi-platform, offerings will need to be adaptable. In particular, this means that responsive web design may finally become a necessity rather than something nice to have.

3. SEO 2.0: With Google’s “Hummingbird” update and other changes, search engine optimization is moving in a new direction. Natural speech patterns and social media signals are now an important part of the algorithms, and that trend will continue. Marketers should be thinking of synonyms and sharing when it comes to search, rather than just keywords.

4. Curation: New offerings from Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms are making creating streams of curated content easier than ever. Rather than blast interesting content finds to your entire audience, you’ll increasingly be able to target certain offerings to certain consumers. The potential uses for things like Custom Timelines are endless, but it’ll have to be done sparingly and smartly.

5. Sophisticated Strategies: With content marketing growing in importance to businesses, it will become increasingly essential for organizations to have sophisticated strategies. These will need to be developed by senior-level employees (such as a director of content) with clear responsibilities. As one Forbeswriter recently put it: “Companies that don’t assign content creation and dissemination to specific people or departments will lose out.”

For more, check out the infographic by Uberflip.

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