How Content Can Help Your Healthcare Marketing

The overwhelming amount of regulations and compliance involved in healthcare content marketing means healthcare practices have been hesitant to examine the benefits content marketing provides. But since healthcare is one of the industries best suited to content marketing, it’s time to forget the fears and discover how this strategy can improve the health of a practice. provided some savvy and sound suggestions for adding content marketing to a healthcare practice’s operations.

The Prescription for Compliance
In the healthcare industry, HIPAA compliance is a must in every aspect of operations. If providers fail to follow HIPAA rules, they face enormous fines and penalties. HIPAA compliance is especially important in marketing. The following guidelines make it easy for a practice to develop marketing that remains HIPAA compliant:

  • Do not develop any marketing designed to directly treat or diagnose ailments.
  • Avoid using patient information for marketing purposes unless permission has been clearly provided by the patient in writing.
  • Remember that every piece of content created carries a great deal of authority and should be positioned as expert advice.

Content That’s Just What the Doctor Ordered
It’s not always easy to know the kind of content that will work best in healthcare. But remember, the goal of content marketing is to build a relationship of trust between the patient and the provider.

One tried-and-true tactic is simply starting a blog and creating posts that feature relevant information and answers to common questions. Webinars are another source for content because they allow patients to personally ask doctors questions without needing to make an appointment. Then, the doctor can make arrangements for the patient to visit, if needed. Also, webinars offer an efficient way to gain access to numerous patients and prospects all at once. And when it comes to content, one of the best forms of content that a practice can provide is a handbook or guide. Similar to blog posts, these are an outstanding way to answer questions for patients. Plus, they can be downloaded very quickly so patients can read them any time, as well as take them any place, and share them with anyone.

The Cure for Widespread Awareness
Content marketing won’t make any difference if nobody knows about it. That’s why you need to steadily promote every piece of content. Begin by ensuring that all content is clearly posted on the company website and SEO-optimized to draw the greatest amount of online traffic.

Then, it’s time to turn to social media. Today, social channels are considered to be the most important places for healthcare professionals. They provide direct opportunities to establish patient relationships and show the personal side of a practice. This can be accomplished through staff spotlights, tips from doctors, and other friendly items that display the personality of a practice. And while it’s wise to broadly share your content on many social channels, be sure to focus on leaders like Facebook and Instagram.

Finally, don’t overlook email. After all, it offers free and direct access to patients and provides an easy way to capture attention. Email can be used for so much more than appointment scheduling and confirmations. Consider sending a regular newsletter featuring the latest content and patient posts from social media. Email can help a healthcare brand nurture patient relationships and increase the rate of referrals.

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