Instagram Captures Attention as Fastest-Growing Social Media Network

Instagram Captures Attention as Fastest-Growing Social Media Network

Instagram’s immense following is making it a tough act to follow, especially after the social media network saw a 60% increase in users in 2014 alone to make it the fastest-growing social network today. According to eMarketer, this rapid rate of acceptance has earned Instagram a U.S. monthly user base of 64.2 million people. This enabled the network to quickly surpass Twitter in both people and penetration and become the second-largest social media network in the U.S. last year, only second in size to Facebook. If Instagram can maintain this massive growth, its user base is forecast to rise to 106.2 million U.S. users in 2018. To see how Instagram became the picture of popularity, shared the details of its social media dominance.

Growth to Rival Its Rivals
While Facebook has always been the front-runner, the race for the second-place social media network has recently been between Instagram and Twitter. But they faced their fate in 2014 when Instagram gained great growth of 60% while Twitter felt a lot less love with a mere 12.1% increase in U.S. users, which brought its base to a total of 48.4 million users.

With Instagram expected to stay in high demand, eMarketer predicts that this gap in growth will only grow larger, with Twitter shrinking to single-digit growth by 2015.

Figures on Followers
There were many facts and factors that went into Instagram’s growth. eMarketer featured the following:

  • Teens and Millennials make up the majority of Instagram’s user base.
  • Through 2019, most of Instagram’s users will be between the ages of 12 and 34.
  • In 2015, 26.2% of Instagram’s US user base will be between the ages of 25 and 34, making this segment the largest portion of the Instagram audience.
  • eMarketer forecasts that this 25-to-34 age group will remain the greatest share of Instagram users through 2019.
  • Yet the younger 12-to-17 age group will stay the highest penetration of users, with US teens comprising 61.9% of all regular Instagram users this year and growing to more than three-quarters of users by 2019.

Instagram in the Future
Instagram is expected to contend with many competitors in the coming years, all vying for the acceptance of younger audiences, along with the ad dollars of brands racing to reach those youthful marketers. Regardless of these rivals, eMarketer expects that Instagram’s user-friendly format will keep secure its social media standing and keep it the one that users choose.

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