Green Advertising Goes For Shock Value

As green advertising has become more and more mainstream, agencies have raised the creativity quotient by developing powerful campaigns designed to shock and educate. These best green campaigns are witty, wild and winning awards while conveying their message in memorable ways. Ad Madness listed some of the great green ads that have left us in awe.

The clothing company Diesel has taken a provocative approach to green advertising by showing sexy models in locations around the world, who have been digitally enhanced to appear either submerged in water or surrounded by desert conditions. Diesel uses these shocking images to reflect concern over rising temperatures and water levels.

In a recent Greenpeace commercial, crude humor is used to promote energy-saving practices. The language may be rude, but the lingering impact is remarkable.

With the vast amount of clutter filling our airwaves and our lives, green advertising has finally wised up and discovered that shock really can sell.

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