Max Planck Florida Institute: Putting The “Search” Into Research

We’ve taken bioscience to the max – the Max Planck Florida Institute, that is. On June 5th, MDG launched, the link to this first American research venture of Germany’s internationally acclaimed Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science.

So, who is this guy, Max, and why is this a site to see? Max Planck is the Nobel Prize winning originator of quantum physics and one of the most important physicists of the twentieth century. Upholding his lifelong pursuit of scientific discovery, the Max Planck Society is one of the strongest scientific research centers in the world. For 60 years, their thousands of global scientists have pioneered research and made ground-breaking discoveries in the natural sciences, life sciences and humanities. Today, they’re striving to further their knowledge of bio-imaging with the Max Planck Florida Institute based in Jupiter, Florida.

That’s where we come in. MDG recently designed and developed to provide an insider’s look at how their body of work will ultimately affect your body and health. Our talented team turned their science into an artform by creating a user-friendly site that will allow visitors to:
• Discover how their bio-imaging research today is improving the methods for diagnosing, treating and preventing disease tomorrow
• Learn the latest information and innovations on their revolutionary findings
• View stunning images and video from the cellular and molecular levels
• Find employment opportunities and worthwhile ways to support their science

See how we brought their research to life. Log on to today.

Tim Alexander is the director of digital operations for MDG in Boca Raton, Florida, where he provides the strategic and experiential direction for our clients’ interactive pursuits. For more information, call 561-338-7797 or log on to