5 Public Relations Rules For The Social Media Age

The rise of social media has caused a major shift in public relations by introducing many exciting opportunities to connect with the public. Still, the conventional PR rules apply and it’s important to strike the right balance between public relations and social media. OpenForum.com outlined the following five strategies for integrating these modes of media.

1. Establish Real RelationshipsSocial media makes it simple to develop personal relationship with the media, which can be a huge help in increasing exposure for a business. After all, the media always pay more attention to businesses they know. Take advantage of every opportunity to reach out to journalists and other press professionals to develop a friendly rapport. Fridays are the best time to connect, while deadline-oriented afternoons are the worst.

2. Position To The PressRecognize which media cover which stories and approach these professionals with topics that appeal to their target audiences. Put yourself in the journalist’s position and provide content that caters to their needs that will help them meet their professional goals.

3. Make Contacts Feel ImportantAnyone can cover a general story, but words like “exclusive” or “advance” can win over a media professional’s attention and appreciation in ways that benefit a business long-term. Be sure to express that the story is only exempt from other press outlets until a specified date and time.

4. Create Videos Of ValueYouTube allows anyone to make a video today, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has the talent to do it well. To make the greatest impact and avoid embarrassment, hire a professional to create a polished video. Their services can be surprisingly affordable and can pay off in numerous ways.

5. Don’t Use Social Media For Crisis ManagementCrises demand an experienced public relations response team to deal with media and assure customers that the issue is being rapidly resolved. Companies that have turned to their social media pages to handle the press have only caused additional frustration and ill will. While social media can be an element of a company’s crisis strategy, the main responsibility should be left to the professionals.

Remember that social media can enhance the effectiveness of public relations, but it’s simply no substitute for a professional PR approach. The media has certain needs and demands and they must remain a priority above any platform.

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