Pinterest Displays New Guided Search and Custom Categories Features, Plus Sharpens Related Pins

Pinterest Displays New Guided Search and Custom Categories Features, Plus Sharpens Related Pins

All eyes are pinned on Pinterest with its recent announcement of its new Guided Search and Custom Categories features, along with its improvement to the Related Pins service. These additions should help users pinpoint their searches and discover more of the things they love online. Despite the social media site’s short six-year history, Pinterest has soared in popularity for the way it allows people to seek, show, and share online images that appeal to their interests, as well as follow and forage through other people’s pins. explained the three updates to show how Pinterest has remained the picture of progress.

Since the image-sharing site has grown by 50 percent in the last six months alone to now boast 30 billion pins, the company wanted to make it easier for users to poke around for pins and fine-tune their focus.

These needs specifically inspired the Guided Search feature, which works by automatically guiding users toward topics that are similar to their searches. Once a user starts typing in a topic, Guided Search starts listing keywords and categories related to their entries. Basically, Guided Search eases and expedites the discovery process through its powers of predictive thinking. This feature is currently available in both the App Store and Google Play store.

The other debut is Custom Categories, which expands the site’s search base beyond the original 32 categories to let users search for any category they want by simply typing in the keywords. This feature is ideal for users whose interests are not defined by the designated categories. The Custom Categories feature will be rolled out gradually to users.

In related news is the update of Related Pins. This has been a favorite feature for users seeking suggestions for new pin discoveries. Now, the site is increasing its suggestion coverage to make more than 90 percent of the pins available as Related Pins.

Pinterest has been steadily progressing by launching new features and functionality to enhance the user experience. In fact, the company’s recent purchase of the image-search startup VisualGraph contributed to its latest additions and should continue to advance its overall search and discovery efforts.

It’s clear that Pinterest is firmly focused on the future and is committed to helping users focus on their interests

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