3 Ways Marketers Can Reach Generation Z

3 Ways Marketers Can Reach Generation Z
Many marketers who thought they knew demographics from A to Z have found themselves unsure of how to reach today’s young generation known as Generation Z. Born right after Millennials, this generation between the ages of 18 and 25 resembles their predecessors in their complexity and self-awareness, but Generation Z is more focused on success, social responsibility, and global issues. To help marketers get a better read on Generation Z, PRDaily.com featured recent research from the Zeno Group, which revealed three ways to reach this segment as it grows and grows up.

1. Connect through Disconnection
While Generation Z may be extremely tech-savvy, they are also more likely to disconnect from their devices than other generations. Unlike tech-focused Millennials, Generation Z will happily unplug to do the non-digital activities they enjoy. To connect with this less-connected group, marketers need to think beyond the realm of technology to offer solutions that engage, entertain, and enlighten them.

2. Friendship
Generation Z wants to get friendly with a company and tends to bond with brands that share their core values. Generation Z wants to know brands on a personal level to develop a sense of trust. The most effective way to convey a brand’s values is by simply telling its story. This will allow marketers to express a brand’s values, which will help Generation Z better understand the personal side of its products.

3. Home In on Personal Health and Values
Generation Z is very interested in health and wellness. They understand the value of balance and strive to include both good health and indulgence into their lives in a healthy way. As a result of this responsible nature, their families include them in 78% of the household decisions. With this market’s huge influence on their family’s personal and purchase decisions, marketers should develop promotions and products that appeal to this young demographic. The best way to achieve this is to show a brand’s human side and target the personal values that matter to this young market.

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