4 Truths About B2B Display Advertising

Facts About B2B Display Advertising

In the past, B2B marketers haven’t responded to display advertising because they’ve thought that it’s better for consumer campaigns. Sadly, these marketers are missing out on valuable opportunities to display their strengths and services to their prime prospects and core customers. To help B2B marketers better understand how display ads can deliver more business, Marketingland.com explained the real deal about using display advertising in B2B marketing.

1. Results Over Time, Not Overnight

Many B2B marketers think that results should be seen as soon as ads are seen. While this may be the case in consumer marketing, where impulsive buys are as frequent as intended purchases, this is not how B2B brands do business. These prospects and consumers must be nurtured over time in since these sales depend on many decisions. So by running a constant campaign that offers repeat exposure to ads, B2B marketers will be rewarded with results.

2. Beyond Awareness to Action

If you’re one of the many B2B marketers who thinks that display advertising is only valuable for brand awareness, think again. While these ads do improve awareness, they also increase conversions, speed up the sales cycle, and inform stakeholders when strategically incorporated into an integrated marketing campaign.

3. Impressions Don’t Indicate Impact

Metrics matters to marketers, but the classic click-through rate only shows impressions, instead of measuring the levels of engagement and education that contribute to conversions. Since display advertising should be used to complement a marketing campaign, the metrics must reflect its correlation between other ads, online engagement, and overall revenue.

4. Retargeting Must Be Redirected

While website retargeting is a common consumer marketing tactic because every visitor is a potential customer, the practice doesn’t work as well in B2B marketing where the target market is much more specific. Rather than retarget every visitor, B2B marketers should focus their retargeting on the accounts that have proven that they’re looking and likely to make a purchase.

Hopefully, more B2B marketers will convert to display advertising and use it to build their businesses.

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