Why And Where The Wealthy Access Social Media

According to a February 2011 Affluence Collaborative survey, affluent Internet users have significantly different reasons for connecting with brands on social networks than the general population. They also differ in their choice of social networks. eMarketer.com recently shed light on these valuable virtual findings.

The survey revealed that wealthy Internet users connect with a brand mostly due to a prior fondness for the brand, followed by the desire to be kept informed about the brand. This differs from the general population, who predominantly connect for deals and discounts. The least likely reason for both groups was to be entertained, which tells marketers that they need to provide consumers with value that isn’t necessarily monetary.

These results matched similar research that indicated how affluent users like to view themselves as brand ambassadors and use social media as a means to promote their brand allegiance.

In addition, while Facebook was the top social media platform for all respondents, the wealthy preferred LinkedIn and Twitter more than twice as much as the general population.

These findings are important for social media marketers trying to reach and appeal to a more affluent audience. For the wealthy, the act of following a brand is a means of self-expression, so marketers must position brands to click with their personal views.

Read the LinkedIn article.

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