4 Tricks for Better Clicks with B2B Search Ads

Better Clicks with B2B Search Ads

Clicks are the freeway to success in digital marketing, but clicks don’t come for free in search engine advertising where marketers must pay for every click. As a result, unqualified clicks are a costly challenge since they reduce ROI and affect the effectiveness of search campaigns. And with only 130 characters allowed in an ad, the offer must be clear, concise, compelling, and call the right people to action right now. To help B2B marketers create search ads that deliver response quality in higher quantity, AdAge.com offered the following four tips.

1. Offer More Facts for Free – Business professionals love this type of offer because many need detailed information before they buy. But it must be free to be worth their while. And rather than vaguely call it “free information,” be specific to be compelling. Promote a “free white paper” or “free case study,” and then name it with a clever title or direct benefit that clicks with your target’s needs.

2. Try a Free Trial – Technology marketers have long known the power of a free trial, so follow their lead to bring in better leads. And since only serious prospects tend to sign up for these trials, they make it easy to find and focus on qualified, quality leads.

3. Give a Free Consultation – This type of offer draws quality leads who want an in-depth understand of the products they purchase.

4. Free Shipping With so much competition for quality leads in e-commerce, companies must make their offers as attractive as possible in order to stand out and bring people in. And “free shipping” has proven its power for conversion by driving prospects to purchase to redeem the offer.

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