Why IPv6 is a Win for Digital Advertising

The recent shift in Internet addresses from the IPv4 to IPv6 is expected to offer numerous benefits to online advertising networks. The evolution from the IPv4 to IPv6 system was a matter of necessity since we had simply used up all of the 4 billion IP addresses that the IPv4 could provide. The new and improved system has increased the total number of IP addresses to more than 340 trillion to practically ensure that we never run out. Mashable.com offered insight on this digital evolution.

Under the previous IPv4 system, local networks had previously allowed numerous individual connections to run off the same address in order to extend the limited number of IP addresses. This posed problems to marketers trying to collect demographic data about specific users and markets. Now, the IPv6 can support infinitely more IP addresses, which will allow digital advertisers to acquire more specific user data and learn more about their audiences.

With the IPv6 system’s “end to end” nature, it will be much easier for digital marketers to decipher a specific IP address. Now that the number of IPv6 addresses is no longer an issue and each computer can have a private address, there is no longer the need to set up local networks and they are expected to vanish.

Online advertisers seem excited about the advantages of IPv6, but there are also possible benefits for all Internet users. The IPv6 may deliver a faster Internet. The elimination of networks should significantly decrease the delays in Web traffic, making online access much quicker and more direct.

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