6 Tips for Creating More-Social Videos

6 Tips for Creating More-Social Videos
Online video is on fire
with its awesome ability to captivate viewers, motivate buyers, and cultivate a loyal brand and fan following. This is so no surprise since its secret to success lies in its social approach to driving viewership. Online video actively engages viewers by encouraging comments and feedback that spark compelling conversations. This leads people to share their thoughts and share your videos. To make your own online videos more socially stimulating, MarketingProfs.com offered these six helpful hints.

1. Pick the Proper Platform There are many video platforms, but not all of them encourage viewers to be social. You want a platform that has the social media features to prompt and prolong conversations, as well as socially enhance the viewer experience. These features may seem frivolous, but they have the power to turn a video into a virtual viewing party.

2. Deploy Discussion Features If viewers aren’t engaging, maybe it’s because they can’t. You must enable the video’s discussion features so viewers can comment freely. These features allow the audience to voice their views, ask you questions, and talk to fellow viewers. To make your content a source of connection, you must make socializing simple.

3. Embed Enhancements in the Video Make your video more engaging with fun and friendly features that complement the content. Embed extra links or add relevant documents to give viewers more to comment on. Just make sure that any extras enrich the viewing experience and don’t simply serve a promotional purpose.

4. Play with Polls and Quizzes Interactive games are a surefire social media stimulator. They spark action, reaction, and interaction with a few playful questions. Try adding quizzes and polls to your video to increase engagement and inspire feedback. Just remember to keep them short, simple, and socially focused to keep people playing and staying.

5. Talk Timely Topics Hot topics of the day have a way of getting people talking, so make an online a video that touches on these topics. Give it a relevant headline, targeted tags, and a simple description so it’s easy to find. And include social media sharing options so viewers can send it to friends.

6. Reuse and Repurpose With a little creativity, videos have many lives. Simply repurpose the content in blog posts, webinars, e-books, and emails to extend its life and audience. And when one video serves many markets, you’ll get much more reach with much less work.

Video is an easy, effective, and economical way to engage a variety of viewers. And you can optimize that engagement with these simple social media suggestions to get people talking about your content.

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