5 Ways Healthcare Companies Can Win On TikTok

92% of users felt a positive emotion after seeing a TikTok video that ultimately resulted in an off-platform action. – TikTok Marketing Science

An engaged, happy audience on TikTok represents a massive opportunity for healthcare companies. Although the platform’s demographic started off with a much younger demographic, the pandemic opened up a door for aging the platform up. More than 50% of the total userbase is now aged 30+ (21% are over 40). With the maturing of the platform, it can now provide an excellent avenue for healthcare brands to expand their reach—particularly considering its over 1 billion monthly active users. You may not have previously considered the impact that TikTok could have on your business as a healthcare brand. To guide you, we’ve outlined ways in which healthcare companies can start leveraging this dynamic (and fun!) platform.

1. Stand Out by Having an Engaging Presence

The first step is the most obvious, yet also perceived as the most difficult to put into practice; having a consistent presence on the platform. Despite its popularity, TikTok is still an underutilized platform by many companies, particularly in the healthcare sector. By maintaining an active and engaging presence on TikTok, healthcare companies can differentiate themselves from competitors. And by engaging, we mean digging in and understanding what your target audience wants to engage with, not always what the brand wants to say. Finding ways to weave the two needs together is where the fun comes in. As TikTok grows, early adopters will likely see the most impactful benefits.

2. Be Intentional – Create a Microstrategy

Rather than sporadically posting content, healthcare companies should approach TikTok with a clear microstrategy. We say microstrategy because it does not have to be elaborate at this stage, just intentional and clear. Put together a quick primer on your target audience on TikTok, the kind of content resonates best with this audience, one or two clear objectives (like increasing brand awareness, educating the audience, or promoting specific services), and one or two metrics that will allow you to regularly evaluate performance and adjust your microstrategy as needed.

3. Start with Simple Explainer Videos that Help Solve a Problem

People often turn to the internet when they encounter a health issue which, as we all know, usually ends in somewhat of a disaster. Creating engaging explainer videos that address common health problems can be a great way for healthcare companies to provide value to their followers. For example, a video could explain how to manage common symptoms of a cold, how to perform a self-check for skin cancer, or demonstrate correct exercise techniques to prevent injury. You can even utilize content from existing blogs or articles and turn them into quick explainer videos or highlight a condition based on each health awareness month.

4. Try Out User-Generated or Influencer-Created Content

The power of user-generated content or endorsements and co-creation with and by influencers cannot be overstated. Audiences often trust content created by their peers or admired personalities more than promotional materials from the companies themselves. (As a general guideline in this early stage of your TikTok journey, it’s a good idea to stay away from only promotional material.) Encouraging patients or users to share their positive experiences or collaborate with influencers who align with the company’s values can significantly boost visibility, engagement, and credibility on the platform.

5. Engage Younger Patients with Fun and Light Content

As stated earlier, TikTok’s user demographic is still about 50% in the younger generations, making it an ideal platform for engaging with younger patients. By creating content that is entertaining, humorous, or creatively engaging, healthcare companies can resonate with this demographic better. This might involve participating in popular TikTok trends, using trending music, or employing humor and light-heartedness to make healthcare topics less intimidating.

By combining these strategies, healthcare companies can leverage TikTok as a powerful tool for education, engagement, and promotion. As always, stay authentic and consistent!