Is ChatGPT Helping or Hurting Your Domain?

ChatGPT burst onto the AI scene and has become the world’s generative AI star! With over 1 million users in a single week, it’s no surprise it’s all anyone can talk about. Despite its drawbacks, it’s an incredibly useful tool for marketers. And, with Google introducing a competitor tool and Microsoft not far behind, the innovations are coming at a rapid clip. As a digital marketer, ChatGPT is helpful with SEO, domain management, content, and ideation tasks.

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Everyone’s talking about ChatGPT these days. The conversation oscillates from the moral responsibilities of AI to the likelihood of some jobs ceasing to exist thanks to ChatGPT’s ability to create content and the astonishing ways ChatGPT is supporting professionals. While the larger philosophical questions are valid and require deeper discussions, the tool overall is very impressive. It uses deep learning to generate human-like responses to prompts. Within the first week of launching, ChatGPT boasted over 1 million users. It’s breaking records and stirring up lots of excitement.

For marketing, ChatGPT is proving to be an incredibly useful tool for SEO, ideation, content creation, and much more. When given clear, specific prompts and training data for SEO tasks, it returns useful examples for keyword research, meta descriptions and headers, optimizing existing copy, and more. It can even generate full articles. It’s saving marketers time and taking the pain out of tedious tasks and continuous ideation.

But, there’s a huge caveat, especially for publications using full AI-generated content on their websites. There are hints that Google is building a tool to detect AI-generated content and discredit websites because it goes against its guidelines. However, Google has stated previously that AI-generated content is fine in moderation and has even introduced their own generative AI tool, Bard. Bard isn’t touted as the answer to ChatGPT, but rather the culmination of years of research and advancements in AI technology by one of the foremost technology companies in the world.

Bard is still only in use at Google with a broader range of developers and enterprises gaining access this month. The company is committed to incorporating AI technologies into their products responsibly at scale, starting with search. Much like ChatGPT, Bard will be able to enhance search results with analysis and synthesis, creating a more nuanced answer than just a page of relevant websites.

All this innovation brings us back to the question at hand; as a marketer, does ChatGPT generated content hurt or help your domain? There’s no black and white answer so it’s better to adhere to the guidelines and cautions set out by OpenAI and develop an understanding of how ChatGPT can enhance your domain without detracting from it’s quality by using it yourself. The biggest problem with AI-generated content is the accurateness of the content itself. ChatGPT is virtually clueless when it comes to information after September 2021, which marks its knowledge cutoff.

If you want to start taking advantages of OpenAI’s famous tool, consider starting with some of the SEO tasks listed above or try small content pieces with sources. Just make sure to review and revise everything before posting, after all, there is no actual substitute for your expertise.