Why healthcare brands should be using TikTok as a recruitment tool

Multilocation Healthcare Recruitment Marketing

Did you know that Americans spend more time on TikTok per day than all other social media channels? For more than 45 minutes per day (which is probably an underestimation if we’re all honest), over 148 million people in the US consume content on the platform. For healthcare brands, this presents a unique opportunity for recruitment marketing, also taking into account the effort TikTok has put into building career and resume tools for the platform. Now, healthcare brands can ease some of the discomfort and challenge of recruiting in the healthcare industry by using TikTok. Through the career and recruitment tools available on TikTok, healthcare organizations can close more roles faster and find the qualified candidates  they have been searching for on other platforms. 

Reason #1: TikTok features an expansive and diverse young audience

56% of users are aged 20-29 and two-thirds of 18 to 19 year olds use TikTok! A younger audience represents an opportunity for healthcare organizations to bring in new talent; talent that has different expectations and experiences than their predecessors. While change can be hard, many healthcare organizations would benefit from hiring younger employees that are willing to challenge the status quo with their tech-forward ideas and have a strong commitment to integrity and values. Additionally, a younger workforce might also attract a younger patient demographic that feels like their concerns will be more readily addressed by their peers. 

Reason #2: Trendy, short content produces a big impact

Impactful content on TikTok translates to short and snappy videos, and they are usually in response to one of the latest trends on the platform. While it might seem daunting at first to produce constant video clips, consider the time to impact ratio and you will most likely be glad you invested in video as a medium. Luckily, snappy content also means you have to be decisive and get your message across quickly, which helps you produce better content. Because most TikTok content comes in relatively concise packages, you can make a bunch of content at once and schedule it for regular release which takes some of the pressure off your team to always be creating new and exciting lengthy materials. 

Reason #3: TikTok Resumes and CareerTok

To aid in the recruitment process, TikTok created TikTok Resumes and CareerTok. These tools are a very different take on the recruitment process and a far cry from the professional world of Linkedin, but they inject a sense of closeness and personalization into a mostly rigid process. TikTok Resumes was created by TikTok to harness the power of the platform and help companies find desirable candidates. Candidates create online, creative video resumes to showcase their skills. The hashtag also gives users access to example video resumes, links to creators posting job- and career-focused content, and job postings. CareerTok is another tool for users to access career-based content right in the app with everything from negotiation tips to resume builders, it’s a comprehensive learning tool for a younger, tech-savvy generation. No matter how outlandish it sounds or seems, it’s definitely worth a try! The worst that could happen is that no one applies to your job. On the other hand, the best that could happen is that you hire a host of young, tech-forward candidates committed to making a difference in the healthcare industry. 

Reason #4: Healthcare targeting options are unavailable in Meta

Since Meta removed healthcare specific targeting options on its ads, it has made creating impactful, targeted ads for healthcare recruitment more challenging. TikTok doesn’t have the same restrictions in place, and creators can target by subcategory, interests, behavior, hashtags, lists of current or potential patients, and more in the healthcare realm. In this case, you’ll have more options if you utilize TikTok as part of a robust recruitment marketing strategy.

How to use TikTok as a recruitment tool

Pick your topics and trends wisely

Trends are the way to go with TikTok. For example, behind the scenes videos or healthcare challenges are great ways to get in front of a relevant audience while showcasing your brand’s values and employees. As you respond to trends or discuss topics, just make sure you are addressing the topics most relevant to your brand. If you’re hiring for a mental health organization, it doesn’t make much sense to use irrelevant or erroneous hashtags in an attempt to broaden your audience. There are plenty of targeted discussions happening, engage with the ones that are right for your brand or campaign. 

Appeal to younger demographics with the right messaging and branding

TikTok gives you the opportunity to access a much younger audience, and your messaging should accurately reflect that. And, while it might not be ideal for c-suite or leadership positions, there are plenty of other tools and platforms you can use to recruit high-level professionals. For TikTok in particular, take your time to investigate how your audience is using TikTok and meet them where they are. You may want to consider a branding refresh if your recruitment materials are looking a bit dated as you want to put your best foot forward with a tech-forward audience. It might be worthwhile to engage with younger professionals at your organization to get their take on using TikTok for recruitment. You can always pivot if a new suggestion doesn’t work the first time. 

Engage current employees

There is no better advocate than someone that already works for your company and loves it! As such, it makes sense to get current employees and partners involved in creating engaging content on TikTok specifically for recruitment. For different ideas, let employees tell their stories or have them address career development opportunities at your company. This gives your audience an authentic, insider perspective on what it is actually like working there. Additionally, to kick your content up a notch, consider getting your leadership team involved in recruitment campaigns as it adds an extra layer of transparency and authenticity. 

Make it entertaining, trendy, and short

There are a number of trends happening on TikTok at any given moment, and it could be beneficial to engage with the ones that resonate with your brand. Trends will get you in front of a bigger audience quickly, meaning more hits on your future job posts. Also, keep your content short and concise! If you want to engage with longer mediums, include a link to another platform or start by gauging interest on TikTok and go from there. By sticking true to the content guidelines of the platform, you’ll save yourself more work later. 

Although it may seem like a far cry from the professional approach of LinkedIn, for example, TikTok can be an invaluable recruitment tool for healthcare organizations. If you’re looking for help implementing a TikTok recruitment strategy, reach out to MDG!